Health Staff

Health Staff

We provide both temporary and permanent staff to fulfil clients’ care needs. We understand that a successful healthcare organisation is dependent on reliable staff and we provide a full monitoring service along with guaranteed service levels. Our pool of recruits include the full spectrum of medical professionals including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals and healthcare executives across all grades and specialties. Our comprehensive recruitment service delivers a full end-to-end solution from identifying specific requirements, sourcing suitably qualified candidates through to job offer and post placement review.

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We appreciate that operating a successful healthcare organisation is dependent on reliable staff and so provide a full monitoring service that guarantees levels of service. We are ideally positioned to attract a large pool of quality candidates to address all your permanent healthcare staffing needs.

Our comprehensive recruitment service delivers a full end-to-end solution from identifying specific requirements, sourcing suitably qualified candidates through to job offer and post placement review.


  • Nurses
  • HCA
  • Dental staff
  • Pharmacists, pharmacy assistants
  • Optometrists
  • General Hands – Chefs, Cleaners
  • Other Health Staff

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